Clinical Advisors

Collaboration with best-in-class clinicians is a cornerstone of the SilverBell Global methodology. Our distinguished clinical advisors provide highly valuable insight and guidance to SilverBell LifeTeams, refine clinical strategies, and continually develop the skills of SilverBell Coaches.


Dr. Wayne Kampers

MBChB, LMCC, MRCPsych Consultant Psychiatrist

Lou Lebentz

Trauma Specialist, EMDR Clinician, Founder, Trauma Thrivers + The Voyage

Dr. Cosmo Duff Gordon

Psychologist in private practice and Founder of Start2Stop

Dr. Virginia Graham

UK Clinical Lead Therapist, PrD, MA, MSc., Dip, MBACP


Dr. Lotta Borg Skoglund

Psychiatric Consultant, ADHD/ADD Specialist

Tony Dominguez

Trauma Specialist, EMDR Clinician, Founder, Trauma Thrivers + The Voyage


Dr. Adrienne Loth

Founder, CEO, #Hashtag Therapy |Clinical Sexologist, Licensed Marriage, Family Therapist, Certified Sex Therapist

Dubai (UAE)

Dr. David A. Lee

Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Addictions Specialist


Dr. Taryn Jaramillo

DSW, LCSW COO, Consultant

Dr. Kelly Woyewodzic, MD

Adult and Adolescent Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine

Maria Kratsios, LCSW, MA

Founder and Chief Clinical Officer, Nest Behavioral Health

Bradley Sorte, MBA, MSW

Founder and Managing Partner
i4 Family Learnings

Lydia Kosinar, LMFT, MA

MA, LMFT - EMDR & DBT Psychotherapist

Jane Mintz, MA, LPC

Clinical Strategist, Crisis Intervention Specialist, Realife Intervention Solutions, LLC