Johanna Skier

Creative Director

As Creative Director of SilverBell Global,  Johanna has immersed herself in the world of recovery for over three years. Working closely with CEO Natasha Silver Bell, Johanna brings over 25 years of creative branding, marketing, strategy, experience through on-brand creativity and innovation to events, retreats and brand awareness.

As Executive Creative Director for Atlantis Bahamas, Johanna led a massive brand refresh over four years. Before that, Johanna was the Lead Creative at the boutique marketing firm The Luminations Group. Johanna gained her trend-based marketing experience with Faith Popcorn’s BrainReserve, Inc. as the company’s Director of Creative Design after serving as a Creative Designer at Ark Asset Management Fund. Johanna received her BA in Journalism and Graphic Design from Lehigh University. As Executive Director of the Inservice Foundation from its inception through Summer 2023, Johanna played an integral role in the establishment of the foundation, helping raise funds towards providing high-end recovery service to those in need.

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