Lily Magill

Lead LifeTeam Manager, UK/EU

As SilverBell Global’s Lead LifeTeam Manager and Recovery Specialist, Lily believes recovery is an ever-evolving journey of self-discovery and healing.  Informed by her personal experience and passionate about accepting and celebrating all parts of ourselves, Lily empowers her clients’ exploration of mind, body, and soul to find deep and harmonious self-unity. 

Lily works with adolescents, young adults, and families and is committed to the principles of hope, gratitude, and compassion backed by rigorous training.

Lily’s background in the Social Sciences led her to pursue a degree in Criminology and Psychology through The Open University. She is a Certified Recovery Coach and Trauma-Focused Mental Health Specialist with a professional interest in Eating Disorders and Personality Disorders.

Lily’s work is holistic and client-focused, combining cognitive and somatic modalities such as DBT, Parts Work, Polyvagal Theory, and MI to address the underlying root causes behind her clients’ presenting symptoms. Lily has worked with and been mentored by leading clinicians and healers in trauma and recovery.

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