Who We Help

We work with clients of all ages and from all walks of life. Clients are matched with coaches who best suit their needs, personality, and lifestyle to create sustainable trajectories of growth and healing.

Healing can happen anywhere, at any time

Substance Use Disorders

Substance Use Disorder is a chronic disorder characterized by compulsive substance seeking and use despite devastating physical, psychological, and behavioral consequences. Substance Use Disorder is not caused by moral weakness; it is a disease. Like many other diseases,  Substance Use Disorder is treatable.

Eating Disorders

Most eating disorders are not about food. Complex systems of self-regulation and emotional management develop as a response to feelings of anxiety, stress, depression, low self-worth, fear, trauma, and other mental/psychological illnesses. Food might be the battleground, but the actual conflict is internal.

Other Mental Health Disorders

Mental health disorders are characterised by a disturbance in cognition, behaviour, and emotional regulation, with symptoms causing significant distress or impairment in critical areas of functioning. SBC believes mental health disorders do not define the person; individuals struggling in one area may find ease in another, and each client is as unique as their presenting symptoms.

"To sit in someone’s truth with them is a beautiful moment."